Topper Takes a Tour

“Topper Takes a Tour” was created by Courtney Medford, Sara Roberts, and me. Our video highlights the history of St. Edward’s University, while allowing Topper the goat to make his film debut.

Topper, the St. Edward's University mascot, found his identity through a campus-wide vote in 2002. Topper is the loveable campus goat, not to be confused with the neighbor’s mascot, the Longhorn at the University of Texas. Topper's mission is to work in conjunction with the Cheerleaders, the Sapphires dance team and the spirit group, the HillRaisers, in promoting school spirit.

This year, Topper the mascot came to life, when Lt. Dan Beck purchased Pax, a two-year-old domestic Angora goat to play the role of Topper, with the hopes of encouraging school spirit. Beck and his wife are St. Edward’s alumni, and they said the goat is an alumni gift to the student body.

Even before Beck purchased Pax the goat, I had been told several times that, “sometimes you can find Topper roaming around campus greeting the community.” Now I must admit, in my four years at St. Edward’s University, I have never seen Topper simply roaming around campus; however, the thought of this inspired Courtney, Sara, and me to develop a creative project around Topper.

As this year marks the 125th anniversary of St. Edward’s University, we thought it would be fun to create a video to highlight the University’s history. We also thought this would be a great way to get our mascot involved, and ultimately increase school spirit. Topper is already involved in some of the anniversary campaign, with the Topper Maker on the anniversary microsite, and his attendance at some of the homecoming events, but we wanted to get Topper involved more specifically with the historical aspect of the 125th anniversary celebration.

After we decided that we wanted to focus our project on the University’s history and involve Topper, we had to brainstorm different ways to combine these two concepts – historical facts and a live goat. Well, it suddenly came to us – a walking tour of the campus! Thanks to the newly released Historical Walking Tour of St. Edward’s University Campus, we were filled with ideas about which facts to focus on, what would be of interest to students, and which locations were easy to get to with a live goat.

Topper Takes a Tour” is meant to highlight the history of St. Edward’s University over the last 125 years and to celebrate the anniversary by showcasing our mascot and increasing school spirit. This video has the ability to be successful with the proper social media utilization. By uploading this video to YouTube, sharing the link to the video on Facebook, Tweeting about the video, bookmarking the video on Delicious, e-mailing the video to friends, and blogging about it, we hope the video gets views, gets shared, and stirs up conversation among students about the 125th anniversary of our University, all of which we will use to determine the success of this video.

Please enjoy "Topper Takes a Tour," share with your friends, and feel free to ask questions!

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