PRSSA Podcast for St. Edward's University 125th Anniversary

Last week Sara, Courtney, and myself created a Podcast designed around the 125th anniversary campaign at St. Edward’s University. We had the opportunity to interview Director of Communication, Michelle Diaz and Public Relations Associate, Marcie Lasseigne of the St. Edward’s marketing department, who are both heavily involved in the campaign. As public relations students, we were very interested in the campaign logistics, and the strategies used to promote the anniversary.

We developed questions to help our audience understand the campaign and the various ways to become involved in the year long celebration. The questions varied from a focus on the campaign’s use of social media to the incorporation of the “real life” Topper mascot.

Marcie and Michelle thoroughly answered our questions and gave us much insight into the public relations aspects of the campaign.

As Marcie mentions in the episode, “people like to get their news in a variety of ways.” We learned that social media has been very useful in facilitating communication about the anniversary and related events, and we encourage our fellow students to check out the new microsite and get involved in activities on campus.

Join the effort – we can’t wait for the year to come!


00:06 - Introduction to Podcast show
00:19.3 - Description of episode
00:13.1 - Introduction of hosts and guests
00:48.5 - Overview of 125th campaign
01:16 - Sara asks about campaign, and why focus specifically on 125th year?
03:03 - Incorporation of social media sites in campaign
08:59 - Service challenge
11:14 - Ally asks about incorporation of “real-life Topper”
12:08 - Upcoming events on campus
13:19 - Conclusion of interview

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