Citizen Journalism in AT&T's Backflip Commercial

Emmy Award winning broadcaster, actor, and comic - Logan Crawford - portrays an omnipresent newsman "reporting the news that's important for you" in this series of TV commercials for AT&T's “Backflip”.

What a very funny commercial. I laugh every time I see one. This video exemplifies a lot of what I have been exploring this semester in my Social Media for PR class, as you can read in my previous posts. News and journalism is being transformed by the use of social media sites. Ordinary people are having much more of an influence on the delivery of our news. News sites can now receive photos, videos, and comments from people on the scene of breaking news, even before their crews are able to get to the site. Technology is becoming an increasingly important part of our lives. Just the other day when I was watching the health care debate on TV, I noticed some of the news anchors actually had their laptops in front of them, on screen, while they were conversing. I never thought I would see that. I wonder if it really is only a matter of time before broadcast news anchors are sitting in front of the camera reading the news from Twitter and Facebook?


  1. I actually think that this is already happening. I remember it actually happening last summer when on Sportscenter the news anchors began quoting sports stars off of their twitter accounts. One example of this was when NBA player Kevin Love was the first to brake the news of a trade his team was going to conduct but had not publicly announced.

    Additionally, there is a show on ESPN called Sportsnation where all of it is interactive online votes and web posts on various wacky sports news occurrences. I think time between the social media websites becoming the primary source late breaking news is already here.

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