And the Story Continues...

I wanted to include some updated information about the Kevin Smith & Southwest Airlines incident as more recent events have unfolded.

Smith decided to continue the story of his experience by posting a Podcast. If you are interested in listening to the Podcast, click here.

Following the Podcast, Southwest Airlines again apologized to Smith and decided to share some more information regarding their private conversation with him.

They posted the following to their blog.

 ...And yes, Smith continued to post his feelings on the matter.

The story is now winding down. Southwest Airlines continues to post updates to their blog on a variety of topics. Smith continues to Tweet and blog about his life aside from the incident. Life goes on. 

Personally, from a PR perspective, I think Southwest did a good job handling the situation. There is not much more they could do to fix what happened to Smith. Thanks to social media, they were able to respond in a timely manner and keep their audience informed as the conversation carried on. 


  1. I think citizen marketers give big companies something to worry about. I mean I know that citizen marketers can do great things for a company, free publicity, but I also think that this "free publicity" could destroy a company. This is a great example. I know that Kevin Smith's little outbursts wont exactly destroy a company, but it defiantly makes a statement. This one incident could spark fury in many over-weight people around the world who have felt the same discrimination but have not felt like they had an outlet in which people would hear there troubles. I'm sure it is an issue that needs to be addressed, and now it will be. It only takes one angry consumer to post a blog or comment about a company for it to become a HUGE issue. I guess you could call Mr. Smith our little firecracker. He rights wrongs with the swift tap of a enter key. He is an example of how citizens can make a difference and how we all have a voice.